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Vacuum Cleaner  technology is simple: create a low-pressure system that forces  air into a tube where dust and small debris can be picked up and stored. I devised a genius plan on how to build your own vacuum cleaner out of a plastic bottle and a few other simple parts, check it out here 

 Build your own Go-Kart at home. Now just because you don't need a full welder, you will still need some power tools to cut wood. Go-Karts: They're the most fun a kid can have on four wheels. I have got the plans and list of parts you need to build one for your family and have the kids cruising around before sundown.  View details 

Simple Step-Climbing Robot Climbs Like It’s on Mars

Make our own Rocker bogie Robot for Engineering Project  View details


Super Simple Motor Powered Hydraulics using Syringes.  DC motors with bolts on them move nuts attached to the syringe pistons to push and pull the pistons. It is so simple that no further explanation is needed, though like most apparently simple things. View details

Is it a segway? Is it a hoverboard with handles? That's for you to decide. I walk you through a step-by-step instruction of making your own two (or three) wheeled device.  View details

If you are using household items that has plastic bottles as its container, don’t throw the bottle away because it can actually be made into something useful and amazing!  And in this tutorial video, you will be able to know how to make an electric table fan out of those scratch!  View details 

 The ‘hoverboard’ is made up of a few appliances that are incredibly easy to find. The main structure is made out of wood which houses all of the electronic internals, Check out this great video. View details 

Technically, bladeless fan isn't exactly bladeless: They still use traditional fan blades to create an air current. The small fan in the base of the device blows air over the wing in such a way that it creates negative pressure, which pulls in still air from behind the fan and essentially multiplies the amount of air movement the small inner fan blades create. This is why Dyson calls the bladeless fan an “air multiplier.”  View details

An evaporation cooler (also swamp cooler, desert cooler and wet air cooler) is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporate cooling works by employing water's large enthalpy of vaporization. The temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor, which can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. View detalis

Air Blower, I thought that instead of buying an Air blower, I can actually make one from the available household stuff. 

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How to build a DIY Homemade speaker with just a few simple things.  Whether you just want to learn about how a Speaker works, or maybe even make this one of your weekend projects, check out here

Learn How to make a Remote control Robot with Homemade Mecanum wheels (Omani Directional wheels). Not Limit to 360 Degree!

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Make some fun with DIY Walking robot from scrap. It can walk on uneven path very easily. View details 

Make Your Own Lawn Mower / Grass cutter at Home

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It's very simple Homemade Projector using Incandescent light bulb (works as megnifying glass) show how the projector works. But It can project only still images. View details

 Create a DIY Electric Train Completely from Scratch. You need only motors to build an incredibly fun toy electric train.  View details 

"Electrical Firki"  Make your Kite festive very special my making this thread rolling machine (string winder) at home. Kite festival is a very popular festival in India and celebrated on 14th January. Its also know as "Uttarayan" and "Makar Sankranti"  View details 

See the perfect example of "best out of waste"

Basic elements of a typical Table fan include the fan blade, motor, blade guard and oscillator mechanism The oscillator is a mechanism that motions the fan from side to side. View details 

Let's try to understand how old cinema projector displaying picture onto a screen. 

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