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Various Glue used to make DIYs

Araldite ( A + B ): Link 1    Link 2    Link 3 

M-seal (Black putty): Link 1     Link 2    Link 3

Fevicol (for Wood): Link 1    Link 2

FeviKwik(clear white): Link 1   Link 2   Link 3

Hot Glue Gun: Link 1    Link 2    Link 3 


Walking is difficult. You’ve got to use all those lousy leg muscles, not to mention overload your brain with orders to move each individual leg in a tiring synchronized motion. Thankfully now you can move effortlessly with these electric motorized shoes.  View details

Check out this great video,  Make your own  Remote control  Battle Tank with auto load bullets and motorized fire.  View details 

Amazing DIY Water Pump.  Make it using DC motor and very simple house hold materials. View details 

Spring-loaded Gun that works with an electric motor. Does it sound dangerous? It’s not. All the worried mothers can relax.  This homemade electrical weapon will require a small amount of time and it's pretty easy to make. It’s the perfect weekend DIY project. View details

Here's is an idea that would keep you cool during the hot days. A Homemade  mini USB fan. Plug it in your phone and you have a handy fan. 

View Details

DIY Homemade Towing Truck with homemade remote control using blade. This build was one of the more impressive ones, as the final product functions beautifully. View details

This time I have turned a hard drive into a centrifugal water pump. Centrifugal pumps are used in all sorts of applications and they range from the very small to the enormous. View details

 How to build a DIY electric motor with just a few household items. It will be much fun  if you built the motor from scratch. Whether you just want to learn about how a motor works, or maybe even make this one of your weekend projects, check out here 

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